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Tiling Preparation

The key to excellence is in the preparation

We at Galaxy Tiling Contractors Ltd & Suppliers offer a great variety of products suitable for any tiling project.


Waterproof Tanking Membrane

Wetroom showers are very popular in many of our recent projects and require the installation of a waterproof tanking membrane prior to tiling.


Step 1

Clean area and apply a priming agent


Step 2

Install the first layer of waterproof membrane ensuring that the material has good adhesion to the substrate

Step 3

Apply edging tape, install waterproof membrane in all wet areas & install shower gully


Step 4

Tile Installation

The wetroom is now ready for the tile installation


Floor Preparation

With such a variety of sub-floors to work from requires many different products and methods to be applied to ensure a problem free floor finish.


Screed & Chipboard base

A bitumen glue residue on the surface of the screed requires covering


Self levelling & un-coupling membrane

Self levelling is applied to cover the bitumen glue & an un-coupling membrane installed onto the chipboard

Preparation Complete

The floor is ready for the tile installation


Tiling Complete

Floor tiling complete