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Traditional Style Terracotta Floor Tiling

This week we have been working on a traditional style terracotta floor being installed into one of our clients garden rooms/conservatory. The traditional style terracotta material is a form natural stone and is a great choice of product which is used to achieve the desired effect that the client wished to achieve by bringing a feel of the outdoors - inside.

All of our tilers are experienced in the installation of ceramic, porcelain, natural stone & many other materials and are able to advise on any preparation which may be required before the tile installation.

Before the tile installation can begin the operative on site must asses wether the surface is suitable for the installation of the material (tiles) supplied. We offer a range of products specifically for tiling preparation which can be found in the Tiling Materials section on our website.


The garden room project required little preparation as it was a cement screed base. To begin the operatives on site cleared the work area, swept and applied a tilers primer to the screed base and allowed to dry.

The next step is setting out and checking the best layout of the room, by working from centre of the room would help to achieve even cuts either side swell as the room looking visually symmetrical. There is a size variation in this style of natural stone tile which does not allow the use of spacers, to ensure that the spacing is even a grid can be produced from the set out point to follow which allows the grout joints to be uniform throughout the floor.

Tiling installation

We at Galaxy tiling contractors supply many different products for the installation of tiles, all of these can be found on our website in the Tiling Materials section.

For the installation of the terracotta a white S1 standard setting flexible tile adhesive was used, this offered increased pot life whilst working with the natural stone and also helped to prevent any staining of the tiles.

After the tile installation was complete a natural stone impregnator was applied to the terracotta material. As with any natural stone the terracotta is a porous material and an impregnator is essential to avoid any staining from spills and also prevents the grout from drying out to quick when applied.

The adhesive, sealants & grout used in for this project was supplied by us.

Grout 3000 - sandstone was the grout choice for this project, it offered a nice blend between the colour variations in within the terracotta and resulted in a light and warm traditional floor.

Finally a liquid wax coat was applied & buffed into the floor which offers additional protection from spills and stains. The wax coat can be applied with a satin or gloss finish, they can intensify the colours or keep the tiles looking as they came out of the box. The liquid wax also applies a coat of protection to the grout.

All of the tiling products & services were supplied by us at Galaxy Tiling Contractors & Suppliers.
For any enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us.

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